We have some important and exciting news for you regarding the location of Day Zero.

Some time ago we learnt that the city authorities in Playa del Carmen were to build a freeway alongside our festival site; we had hoped that the road would not cause too much infringement on its beauty but in the last weeks we realized that too much of the magic had been irrecoverably lost.

So we held an emergency conference with our Mayan collective and spiritual advisors and together we went in search of a new destination – a new playground for you.

We are so thrilled to announce that we have discovered the most incredible new location just 15 minutes from the centre of Playa, that has never been seen or used by anyone in the area, infact it has been one of the best kept secrets in Mexico. Until now.

We were actually given the opportunity to name our new home and so on January 10th, We are very excited to welcome you to Moon Valley.

We have had diggers and construction going on for the last weeks and we guarantee you that we are creating something even more magical than the Day Zero events of the last 2 years.

And now, a quick word about the vibe of the party. Every artist that has been asked to participate and perform at Day Zero have been selected because we know they will touch your hearts. The magic of Day Zero is about the connection of special music with the universe and the natural beauty around us. At this new location, an excavation, we have deep-blue water, sand, rock formations, dense lush jungle, cenotes, blue sky and at night, the magic of the cosmos above. Our opinion is that the people coming from all over the world to be at Day Zero should be rewarded with uplifting music for their souls, music that they don’t get to hear week in and week out in clubs, music that is specifically crafted for this ultimate experience.

At the event we will be joined by the magical Mayan performers once again. The theme of this years’ party moves things on a bit from the previous years, this time we imagine that the ancient Mayans are returning to us from the future. This year we will combine the magic of the ancient civilization with outer space. Please feel free to join us in this spirit with your outfits for the day and night.

Our friends from Secret Productions (Secret Garden (2007-2012), Wilderness, Wonderfruit) have been busy curating some of the most impressive performances, hidden surprises in the forest and all sorts of wonderful things for us to experience throughout the event.

This is another-worldly experience that we are creating and we just can’t wait to share this Day Zero with you.

The Day Zero team

A map of Moon Valley with directions and shuttle options (from Playa, Tulum, and Cancun) will be posted shortly.

(here is a shot of how the site looked when we first found it)


And with work well underway







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